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Sustainable property management


At Pegasi, we recognise the fundamental importance of sustainability in all aspects of property management to mitigate our impact on the planet.


Our commitment to sustainability

At Pegasi, we recognise the fundamental importance of sustainability in all aspects of property management to mitigate our impact on the planet. Across our portfolio, we are implementing a suite of measures to enhance the energy efficiency, reduce waste and promote a climate first thought process. This includes an independent carbon audit of each property to measure and model progress with tangible objectives.

Our farming and woodland operations in Essex continue to preserve and target ecological benefits using countryside stewardship schemes and tailored restoration programmes.

Across the portfolio, we continue to focus on climate improvements and emission reduction. In 2021 we undertook our first carbon measurement of the farm. This is the first in a series of steps to measure our carbon footprint across our portfolio to plan our journey to net zero. We are committed to generating beneficial results for our climate and leaving a positive legacy. For more information on projects and measures we are adopting, explore our case studies page.

As part of our focus on sustainability, a Carbon Audit has been undertaken for the Quendon Estate and Maces Farms.

Quendon Estate and Maces Farms currently omit more carbon than it sequests, a long-term plan is being developed to change this so that we neutralise overall emissions ahead of 2050.

We will present our progress over the coming years.

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Charitable support

Placing importance on people

At Pegasi, we recognise the fundamental importance of supporting communities local to our operations.

There are different strands to our work with the community. These include financial donations to our chosen charities and community events, support for mentoring programmes and sharing our passion for farming with local schools.

Where furniture and styling are no longer required by the company, we ensure that all items find a new home by selling them to raise funds for supported charities and hospices. We continue to look for new homes that require our items. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, and furnishings – please feel free to contact us if you would like some more information.

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Carbon footprint

Fighting climate change

At Pegasi we recognise the fundamental importance of mitigating our carbon footprint to reduce the impacts placed upon the climate and human health. Across our portfolio we are identifying our current carbon generation and setting the target to be net zero. This process will see improvements made to our property portfolio to enhance further there energy efficient alongside installing infrastructure to enable modern cleaner technology to be utilised.

At Pegasi we are committed to delivering a net zero outcome footprint. To do so, we are the beginning of our journey looking at our Environmental Sustainability and Governance (ESG). Each year rigorous analysis will be undertaken to see whether carbon reduction progress can be expedited to enable the net zero outcome to arrive earlier.

For more information on our current Carbon Footprint and measures we are adopting to move towards net zero emissions, please visit our case studies.

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Maces Farms

A piece of Essex countryside

Extending to over 2,600 acres (1000 hectares) of commercial arable land, Maces Farms is run as an in-hand farming operation growing a variety of crops.

Alongside the arable rotation, Maces Farms is committed to countryside stewardship schemes with areas of the farm designated for respective ecological and biodiversity incentives.

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