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Woodland and wildlife areas

Woodland and wildlife areas

The Quendon Estate is proud to proactively manage compartments of woodland and wildlife areas across the whole estate to preserve, enhance and protect the biodiversity as well as all ecological benefits woodland areas provide.

Over the last 7 years, more than 10,000 trees have been planted on the Estate to replace areas of felled compartments to undertake restoration projects with the focus of re-introducing native species of tree that will reinvigorate the woodland flora and fauna.

In 2022, a further 6,000 young trees are scheduled to be planted as a replacement for recent thinning works, this will infill areas of woodland where trees have fallen or decayed naturally over time.

Alongside our woodland conservation works, Maces Farms is contributing to ecological and biodiversity benefits by dedicating grass margins around certain fields to encourage wildlife corridors, whilst also designating areas for wildflower and birdseed mixes.

Further environmental works are planned, including hedgerow restoration and increased areas of nectar and wildflower mixes.

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